Energy Healing

By Neil Kagan, Reiki Master and Chinese Kung Fu/Chi Kung Instructor

What is it?

How does it work?

Often when conventional medicine has not been able to provide sufficient answers in healing, an individual will seek out additional methods of healing. One such group of methods, called Energy Healing, is an increasingly popular way of healing that can treat disease, illness, injuries, and everyday aches and pains, or simply reduce stress.  

When talking about energy healing or energy work, we should first define what we mean by energy. In broad terms, we can place energy into two categories: internal and external. 

Internal refers to the life force that is in all of us. This life force nourishes and supports every organ and cell in our bodies helping them in their functions. When this flow of life force is disrupted or blocked, we experience disease, sickness, mental/emotional stress, etc. Through a series of exercises, most rather simple, a practitioner of Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and Yoga can maintain a working and healthy flow of life force energy.

External is the energy that is all around us on earth. As human beings we can connect to this energy and harness it. While this energy has many uses, it has been discovered to have incredible healing abilities. This is often called “universal” or Reiki (ray-key) energy.  Reiki practitioners, who use their hands to direct the energy, utilize this energy to treat the “whole” person including body, emotion, mind and spirit. External energy can be directed to oneself or another.  

Energy systems heal because the energy will flow through affected areas and clear the energy pathways (meridians) in our body. This is a basic premise of acupuncture and other related health systems. Much like a car or other machine, your body works at its maximum efficiency when all the parts are working well and in harmony with each other. Simply, when energy flows without interruption, we are healthy. 

Nearly all energy work is simple, natural, and a safe method of healing and self-improvement from which everyone can benefit. Many have reported miraculous results.

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