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When does the SWFL Reiki group meet?

Aside from a few Zoom meetings, we’ve been on hiatus looking for a better location and doing our part to keep everyone alive and well throughout the pandemic. Ultimately, we never really found a place to call our own, so we created one instead! The dust hasn’t quite settled, but our new holistic center The Dayvin Center is now open in Fort Myers, Florida.

Historically we have met on the 3rd Saturday evening of every month, but right now we are still trying to figure out the best schedule for ourselves and the group. Once things get set in stone, we will update the information here on the website and also on our Facebook page, which is still the best way to stay up to date on the group’s happenings and connect with others in the Southwest Florida Reiki community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/swflreiki/

When are your classes held?

We typically offer each of the three levels on a revolving basis starting a new cycle approximately once a month, but occasionally twice in the same calendar month. These ongoing classes usually take place on a weeknight. Which night can vary depending on the needs of the students who have signed up, but usually they get scheduled for a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. As we get settled into our new place, we look forward to having regular classes once again and are seeking interested students. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about becoming a Reiki Practitioner or increasing your current practice level.

Pre-pandemic, we were also doing a weekend intensive once a year in the summer at a retreat in North Carolina. If this might be of interest to you, please contact us for more information.

What if I can’t attend one of the regularly scheduled classes?

We want to empower as many people as possible to take healing into their own hands, and have never turned someone away because of scheduling or mobility. While we will first try to get you into one of our regular classes where you get the added benefit of meeting like-minded people for group discussions, q&a, and feedback, special accommodations may be arranged on a case by case basis.

If you can get a few friends & family together to take a class with you, even better!

**If you have an urgent need for Reiki’s comfort and healing that can not wait for a scheduled class, such as a terminal diagnosis or other critical and time sensitive situation, please contact Master Neil at (239) 560-0052

Can I use Reiki on my pets?

Absolutely! Animals love the calming energy and it’s a wonderful way to bond with your beloved furbabies. Reiki can be used alone or incorporated into grooming and bathing routines. It is especially helpful for new or nervous animals during periods of adjustment and thunderstorms, and for bringing comfort during sickness and aging.

Are there any other uses for Reiki energy?

Reiki can be used in so many different and exciting ways besides ‘just’ healing. A few that we mention in our course sequence include using Reiki to charge food and water, to clear and charge crystals and living spaces, to help medications work better with fewer adverse effects, to bring support and comfort during hospice care and both the birth & death transitions of life, and even to encourage vibrant growth of plants and trees. Because Reiki is the lifeforce energy all around us, if you can think to ask, “Is Reiki good for…”, the answer is probably YES!

Why do I have to get ‘attuned’ by a Reiki Master in order to use the energy?

Short answer? We don’t know. While other energy work seems to require only awareness and understanding, the ability to channel Reiki energy has always needed to be passed from Master to student.

What’s up with these Reiki symbols I’ve seen?

Short answer? We don’t know that either. To make matters worse, the symbols vary slightly from one system of Reiki to another and yet all seem to work so long as they are the symbols with which you were attuned. Confused yet? Us too! But at the end of the day we are pragmatists, and however the symbols work, they work.

Will your classes count toward my Continuing Education requirements?

If you are a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) in the State of Florida, we are currently in the process of becoming recertified to once again provide CE credits for taking any of the basic sequence of courses: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 Master Practitioner. Please contact us if you are a Florida licensed LMT interested in taking any of these classes so we can try to coordinate providing you with the most value for your time and money.