An engineer by training and trade, Neil Kagan would seem at first glance to be an unlikely candidate for becoming a leading practitioner and educator of an ancient energy healing art.

However, at 3 months old Neil’s first child, Gabriel, was diagnosed with a rare liver disease and had his first of many surgeries. Doctors tried to save his liver, but were unable, and Gabe underwent a liver transplant. His mother, Karen, was chosen as the donor and she and Gabe went into surgery when Gabe was 10½ months old.

Just before the transplant, Neil had been introduced to Reiki having only been told that “it’s good for healing”. He started using it the day after transplant and was amazed at how much faster Gabe and Karen healed than expected. Today, Gabe is in college, and continues to grow and thrive. This initial use of Reiki prompted Neil to learn more and he was subsequently trained in traditional and non-traditional Reiki.

Today, Neil continues to make Reiki a daily part of his personal life and hopes to spread this ability to as many people as possible. Neil believes Reiki is indeed for everyone and has taught hundreds of people with various professions and backgrounds.  He has been honored and proud to be teaching Reiki classes continually since arriving in SWFL in 1997.

Our Approach

Our special approach to teaching Reiki simplifies the principles and techniques so that anyone can begin to do Reiki in a single three hour class. For those who want to deepen their knowledge and practice, and gain access to a stronger flow of energy, Reiki II and Reiki III Master Practitioner certifications are also available as three-hour classes.

We view Reiki as a complementary modality for the purpose of helping the body to heal when something goes wrong, and to support and maintain good health when things are going well. Reiki energy can be used for many purposes including relaxation, stress reduction, as an aid to meditation and goal attainment, as well as for the healing of people, animals, plants, and the planet as a whole.

While we believe Reiki energy to be positive and spiritual in nature, we leave answering the big metaphysical questions up to the individual. We hail from a variety of backgrounds and belief systems and so do our students. We welcome and enjoy a rich diversity of students, practitioners, and clients at all of our classes, group meetings, and wherever we find ourselves talking and walking Reiki.

We also never charge to attune the young children or grandchildren of our students. Simply bring them to us or us to them and commit to teaching them how to use it as they grow.

Because Reiki truly is for everyone!

Meet the Team

A few of the people who continue to make what we do possible

Neil Kagan

Founder, Owner, Master Teacher

Engineer, Manufacturing consultant, Master & instructor of Kung Fu San Soo & other martial arts, and a Reiki Master Teacher since 1997

Leena Mazid

Reiki Master Practitioner

Originally from Philadelphia with a background in psychology, gender studies, & holistic health, Leena is currently in school for her Master’s in Social Work to pursue clinical licensing in psychotherapy. Her interests include mental health, women’s issues, multicultural matters, & working with the aging population

Bekki Shanklin

Wearer of many hats!

Local Eco-Artist at and Reiki Master since 1998, Bekki helps out in every way needed at events and meetings

Jennifer Hug

Business Manager

Business owner & Entrepreneur, Accounting Whisperer, Practitioner of Reiki since 1995, and Reiki Master since 2019, Jennifer is our most recent addition to the team

Next Steps…

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